Thursday, February 15, 2007

trapped in the shower

i wasn't really sure how i felt after watching this. um ... ya.

colours and colours and colours and

larissa bought me a crap load of gauche and water colours. super extra wicked amazing! i've never painted with them before. the water/gauche ratio is a delicate procedure. and water colour paper is really really sensitive. i'm using a plate as my palette. these are a couple of simple little painting/drawing type thingy's i did while watching the latest episode of LOST. that show is getting CRAZY. it's been awhile. i heard it was getting kinda weak but not last night's episode. holy WOW. i've been told they're gonna wrap it up soon. anyway. enjoy?

i was SO close to bringing us to the raptors game last night. they were playing the nets which is HUGE because (former raptor) vince carter plays for them. the game was long sold out. i'm goonna try to get tickets for a game this weekend. the toronto edition of hip hop karaoke throws down tonite at the boat. i've been wanting to check this since i got word of it months ago. wish khev and jaz were in town for this one.