Wednesday, February 28, 2007

soft hands

so the band has been home for three months now which is quite refreshing. i sleep in my own bed everynight, wake up to a hot shower, my toilet is not mobile, i wear clean clothes everyday, i'm surrounded by friends, my family is practically at arms reach, cook my own meals, i can choose to got to bed at a decent hour ... but ... i haven't played my insturment in 3 fucking months. i've lived through a hiatus of this length before and sat down behind my kit without any rust or cobwebs to deal with ... but i've just about reached my limit. i've attempted to assemble a band that turned out to be unrealistic (re: twins at night ... bad availibilty and timing) have been a offered a gig that didn't seem suiting (re: crystal castles ... i just don't wanna be on the road, you know?) and i'm just not the type of player that can sit in a practice space on my own studying theory and rudiments. that's what i carried away from my highschool career. i graduated with 21 mother ass music credits. i need to communicate with other players. sure, i've been doing that with some friends through drum machines, sequencers and other toys (hardly enough) but i need to SWEAT! i need to PLAY the damn DRUMS! i was scrolling through my phone today but nobody seems to be available and nobody seems to fit the roll ... except ... tara white. i walked by rotate today with larissa where we saw kev smokin' out front. while they chatted i took the opportunity to pop my head in and see if tara was workin'. she was. her boyfriend andrew is a drummer and i knew they had plans to start jamming. she also mentioned that he was quite busy with the four other bands he's currently playing with and that she has a space that her and i could make noise in. she'll keep me posted. fingers crossed. casually jamming is what the doctor is suggesting at the moment.

some inspiration:


tara in ELEVATOR TO HELL circa '97:

ESG live in OSAKA: