Sunday, March 22, 2009

eric ray davidson

if you are in the los angeles area, i encourage you to stop by the los feliz clothing boutique, confederacy, located at hollywood and vermont. the design of the store is delicious, the selection of designer goods will knock your socks off, the staff are friendly and look very sharp in their rag and bone uniforms and the show that is presently hanging on their walls is by a lovely fellow called eric ray davidson. eric is a talented young successful fashion photographer and his work is fucking sick. his shots are found in GQ every month and at 27, his credentials and quality of work are beyond impressive. the piece below (entitled "jessica stam blows") was shot as part of his series during new york city's fashion week. it was purchased by yours truly with the bathroom wall of my loft in mind. selections from this show here. more on eric here and here.