Tuesday, February 20, 2007

feelin' february

i discovered an amazing tv link site. you can stream just about anything. i never learned how to torrent and now i never will! god bless the internet. who knew dr. who had over 20 seasons?

i missed pam's b-day house party because someone got too drunk at a previous dinner party and i had to take care of them. ha! the dinner party was a great one and i made up for my absence on a "boy's night out" (me, greg and chris really do make for a great trio) we stopped into the drake underground for pam's lipstick cherry nite to wish her well. i somehow felt invincible that night. hard to explain but it was really really fun. happy b-day PAMMM!

a band called the midway state has approached me about designing their band logo. interesting request. the singer is a big bss fan and is a fan of the artwork i've done for arts & crafts and bss, which is nice. they got signed to interscope worldwide. i'm not savvy with software programs so i'm gonna bring greg with me to the meeting and if they want us to move forward then i'm going to include greg in the project. if they like what we deliver they may ask us to lay out their album. could be fun.

jaz and i got anther song to remix gig! it's a song by you say party! we say die! ... as far as remixing is concerned, there's alot that can be done with this new song. it's called "monster" and is going to be on their new record.

joris is moving back to toronto in april. holy mother fuck have i ever missed that man.

it's kheaven's birthday today and he's gonna be playin' letterman tonite!

april's "ain't no joke" party will be held at the concert hall (EDIT: we're now looking into holding it at the opera house. the cost of renting the concert hall is 50K!) ... and will include big player guest dj's X and mastermind. that's HUGE! we're gonna design the poster in real vintage fashion. sammy has done our previous and current poster's. april's will look more like this:

i'm gonna go make myself some dinner.

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