Monday, February 12, 2007

a laser called quest

sometimes kevin has the greatest ideas. his most recent ----> surprise-birthday-party-laser-tag! for feist's birthday he called up her friends and family, piled them into a rented school bus and sent them off to mississauga for a couple of sweaty rounds at LASER QUEST. i had never been before. i will ABSOLUTELY be going back. the laser play ground is a two floor, partially mirrored maze lit only by black lite. all you really see are everyones blinking targets, they're crazy eye whites and teeth. freaky deeky. this shit turned me into a stealthy animal. each 15 minute round felt closer to an hour. i got SO into it. my technique the first round was pretty immediate. i ranked 9 out of 30. pretty sweet, right? but i got SLAUGHTERED in the second round. 17th. boooo ... i wanna make it a monthly trip. after laser tag was a fresh pre ordered sushi dinner. i had sushi for lunch and i ate dinner at like 5 so, i really wasn't hungry for sushi at 8:30 ... but i ate it anyway. i feel like i weigh 500 pounds today. but a laser tag virgin i am NO MORE!

the mountain man/orchestrator:

forever young:

the legend:

the murph:

fiesta farms:

fun zone five million:

spooky rules:

i was malibu:

dude, you hit me like 50 times:

once were jail mates:

roll me over:

double up and skip:

happy birthday fiesty pants:


ds said...

kevin drew with a bullhorn!???! no, no, no!

M. said...

looks like fun! also, those aren't 'the rules', it's a PLEDGE. serious biiiiiznesssss.
and i can't believe you spent YEARS in markham and never played lasertag! it's like, a suburban rite of passage.

eva said...

laser quest mississauga, total flashback to grade seven 4 me. real fun