Thursday, February 8, 2007

suddenly several

when it rains it pours. that applies to the several challenges life has offered me in the past few weeks. i'm down. let's balance them scales.

the latest: i got offered a gig to play drums for the toronto duo crystal castles. if i said yes i would be onboard for a u.s. tour for the month of march. beyond that i would consider to be optional. very tempting since kevin drew will no longer be doing any dates in europe that month. the thing is ... i don't know them personally, it's a van tour (butt crack van tours SUCK) , there would be no rehersals and the money isn't that great. the main issue for me is being shoved in a van with a couple of strangers for a month. i am loving this break from tour life. it would be a soldier like move to throw myself in this situation. it would excercise a greater learning experience. but i've already learned and lived through that several years ago. aka "been there done that". if it was a band that i contributed to the inception of it would be far more satisfying. this is not the case. so i'm gonna pass.

instead ... i will contribute to brendan canning's solo effort. i have just found out he's been tracking at a friends home studio for the past few weeks. i'm excited to hear what he's been up to.

i visited ohad's studio recently to do some over dubs and hear how kevin drew's solo record was sounding. it's awesome.

i spoke to my friend brian a couple of days ago and he's been editing the tracks we made together. i have plans to visit him this weekend.

still wating for the bloc party track to arrive in the mail. jaz leaves soon so i'm not sure when we'll do the remix. i guess when he gets back.

i had my first meeting with the publishers house of anasi a couple of days ago. they are all really great people and are excited about the project in the works which involves publishing my artwork. the only mild conflict was deciding whether the book be a hard cover coffee table type book or a thinner paperback. the issue lying in sales and who the demographic would be. i campaign for the hard cover. i feel the topic - a specific tribute to the t.o. music scene - deserves it.

i've decided not to go to nyc for letterman and khev's birthday. reason being ... the next "no more heroes" party that me and mikey apples are throwing. it conflicts with the trip. my old friend dougie boom is on board for n.m.h. ... i've been really enjoying the turntables more than ever. practice makes comfort. i've been hitting the turntables on a daily basis. thanks again jaztastic. i'm considering going the serato route. it's a big money saver but a bitch to set up. perhaps i'll wait for the next version.

larissa is gonna pick me up some gauche colours. she says they're the best to work with. i've been using some fluorescent acrylic's that i picked up recently. they look pretty rad. steve at M-ONE-11 is interested in including me in some projects. i didn't realize they had proper galleries.

i should really visit my folks soon.


claudia, vintage muse said...

yes, go see your folks. why? because they are the glue of the world.

and dont forget, you're missed.

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