Wednesday, March 28, 2007

white ink


Azuree Caldwell said...

well, um, That could quite possibly be the worst picture taken of me. ever.
Also, this was taken 3 minutes before I stumbled outside to announce it was time to go home. I woke up and it was the next day.
Beer Powr.

justin said...

dude! i love it. do you want me to take it down? btw ... did you log onto the whisky tavern web site. HELLO! the grand opening was like, 2 months b4 we arrived. we totally broke that place in!

Azuree Caldwell said...

nah it's cool.
UM obvs I went on the site, I laughed my ass off. It looks really popular now....but it certainly didn't smell new when we were there.
UMM I think we broke in most bars we walked into when we were there.