Sunday, March 11, 2007

have more fun

snoop doll:

D.H. bandit:

banksy rules:

yup, banksy rules:

gun's n' rose's:

fun girls:

electric boogie:

uncle mac:

hot times?:

i brought pizza:

gold watch? gold chain? nah man ... try gold pomegranate:

eternal laughter:

true love:

sneaker pimp:


wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy:

urban paparazi:

woodbridge reprezent:


Azuree Caldwell said...

1. Where did you find that Snoop doll?
2. Who's fucking sneaker collection is that? Can I BE THEM PLEASE?!
3. I'm sad I missed the party. Like, this is the second time this happened. I suppose this means I have to stop being fashionably late, it only gets me into fights with fat bouncers and I always end up at the Drake (barfaroni)
4. I'm not in any of these photos which leads me to...
5. I miss you let's get drunk together this weekend OK?
6. Poop.

Larissa_T said...

i think you're missing a photo of the thing that REALLY made your week
(UGGG STUPID BLOGGER PISSING ME OFF AGAIN!) you don't even have to link to it, the impact is gone without the visuals.
it's a spinach pie.
you know what they look like.