Saturday, April 21, 2007

what's a facebook?

i'm bringing the cool kids ( to toronto ontario canada for the next no more heroes party on may 31st. trying to arrange montreal and ottawa shows aswell. in the contemporary days of hip hop fluff, hipster hop and hip pop garbage ... these guys keep it really fucking real.

errbody in th club git angry:
dan and olga are making music.

anybody watching the white rapper show? it's obviously something to be taken very very lightly but ... i can't turn away ... as far as trainwreck t.v. goes this one sits on top of the stink pile.

my summary thus far ...
jon brown: you're a fucking tool. "ghetto revival baby" listen to lord jamar when he asks you "why would you want to revive the ghetto?" ... "i'm not a rapper, i'm an entity" holy shit guy ... you're a fucking clown. i can't wait for persia to give you a well deserved knuckle sandwich to your stupid face.

persia: all of my cards are on you. take this one all the way lady. you are undeniable. you spit fire. keep going.

shamrock: you're a close contender man ... your rhymes are decent but your southern accent gets spread on really thick when you start rhyming. why are you doing that? stop it. btw, we all know that you got gold fronts to distract from your severe hair lip. but you know what? ... it's working.

sullee: you impressed at first ... then you banged that shitty british rapper chick who's name i forgot because she blows so fucking hard. then she got voted off ... your true colours were then revealed when the numbers got smaller. you're not fooling anyone dude. you're weak and are the next to go. ok ... byyyeeee.

100 proof: you've got skills but white trash in the hip hop game doesn't usually travel so far. go do a duet with sheryl crow or something.

jus rhyme: you're obviously a smart and sensible guy. you're obviously are a true lover of hip hop and respect (worship?) african amercian cultutre. but ... some people are best left as the fan as opposed to "the star" ... lose the race card as a respect earner. i'm sure your mom loves you just the way you are.

(our host) mc serch: stop saying "fall back" ... no matter how badly the producers of the show think you're coining a new catch phrase, you're not. it sounds gay and is not going to catch on so please cut it out. thanks.

(our co host) prince paul: who knew you were so funny!


claudia, vintage muse. said...

dont say facebook. i just deleted my entire account because it's evil.

Azuree Caldwell said...

Um, I read this and laughed my ass off. It may have something to do with our 30 minute conversation about the show last night at a bar. At one point Jill leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Are you guys STILL talking about The White Rapper Show?"

Also: you should have gotten a photo with John Brown at Betty's. Damn.

ALSO: Fall Back, Ma.

Azuree Caldwell said...

pls post new pics. thx. love u.