Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i'm looking through you

i am always reluctant to embrace the new jacks of popular or semi popular hip hop and for good reason ... it's mostly transparent garbage written for insecure club rats ... and i'm still unsure about this dirt bag. i've seen his stupid tattooed face grace the covers of several hip hop glossies. i've seen him try to remain cocky at the BET hip hop awards while busta and jay z subliminally cut the likes of him down into tiny little bloody bits. his appearence and demeanor make me want to frog stomp his jaw but still, ladies and germs, i bring you ... lil wayne's latest mix tape ... the drought 3. you be the judge.

1 comment:

M. said...

ok i'm only 6 tracks in so maybe this comment is premature but so far...on point. period.
lil wayne may be cocky and annoying, but he oozes so much charisma that he's allowed to be a douche (aside from the really really really horrible patois on the 1st track...nothing he does can make up for that).
seriously, the way he switches up his flow, and his almost lazy delivery, the absolute ridiculousness of some of his lyrics, his just CAN'T hate.